Do I like Other Doctors?

I often get asked if I like medical doctors.  This is a great question because over the years, I have had many patients tell me that their doctor told them not to go to a chiropractor. When I hear this, it boggles my mind. I think to myself, “Does he not like me?” Does he/she not like chiropractors?” Does he not like competition? Is this doctor afraid that he or she might run out of patients?” After all, EVERYBODY could be a little bit more healthy. There’s definitely no shortage of a demand when it comes to healthcare.

And so to answer the question, I think every doctor has his or her place. We are all needed. I had a great professor early on in chiropractic school. He was a professional baseball player. He told me that during his professional career, he would have these periodic flareups where his back would hurt him and cause excruciating pain. Then he would go to a chiropractor and get all straightened out and feel great. Then one time, he hurt his back so bad that he could not recover. He spent six weeks walking around bent over in agonizing pain. Then he went to the chiropractor who he thought of as a last resort. This chiropractor was what we call “upper cervical”. He adjusted only one bone in the body, but he felt this one bone was very important and that it controlled much of the nervous system. When Dr. Sherkel went to this doctor, he received an upper cervical adjustment, and then he said that the doctor looked more like a magician or a circus show man that a chiropractor. He thought to himself, “I think I just got ripped off.” But then, he got up off the table, and he was able to stand up straight for the first time in six weeks.

The purpose of this story was to tell me that all techniques work. Important thing to find out is to find out what that particular patient needs. More importantly, if you can’t help that patient, send them to someone who can. Everything that is out there exist for a reason and that’s because it has worked for many people. That’s why there’s no need to discount any technique or any other doctor. They all have their place.

I don’t think I am God. I try to live in his image, but I will never be perfect. I always try to improve, but I know I’m not perfect. I will always be continuing to strive to become the best doctor I can be.

so if you’re thinking about giving Chiropractic a shot, you may as well give me a call and let me know what your condition is. Chances are likely that I can help or corrected. And if I can’t, I know someone who can.

Ian Rainey, D.C.

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