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First Blog by Dr. Rainey from Rainey Chiropractic and Car Injury Clinic in Dunedin, Florida

This is our first blog entry with many more to come. It will continue to evolve and improve with time. I’m looking to provide content that will help the people be better served in the Pinellas County area. This includes Dunedin, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Largo and Tarpon Springs.

Helping Dunedin Car Accident Victims Get Healthy…Naturally!

My intent is to become one of the best resources available for safe, alternative treatment and therapy when people have been involved in a car accident.Rainey Chiropractic Office in Dunedin Chiropractors in Dunedin - Dr. Rainey Headshot - Medium

I will be the doctor who treats you.  No smoke and mirrors here in Dunedin, Florida. I’m going to tell you how it is, and I’m going to utilize every resource possible to get you better. Whether it is a back sprain, a neck pain, broken rib, or other serious and potentially debilitating injury, my responsibility is to get you better as fast as I can and be sure that you are restored to your pre-injury status.

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